Rocklin Boulders (Deer Creek Park)

CRAGS continues to work with the City of Rocklin, and its Parks and Recreation Department, to improve the conditions of this bouldering site. With a number of clean-ups and a recent face lift to [...]

Donner Summit

With the BLM, Forest Service, Donner Land Trust, Private Ownership, and the climbing community (all with a stake in this location), we are doing our best to mediate and protect this area for climbers.

Cave Valley (Auburn Quarry)

CRAGS have focused much attention on the quarry in Auburn, now known as Cave Valley, and have had many successes over the years. When CRAGS was originally formed in 2008, climbing had been [...]

Lovers Leap

Iconic climbing area for the Tahoe area, the leap offers mostly 2-3 pitch trad routes with some bouldering around the campground.