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We are active climbers with an agenda focused on community.

  • We work hard to protect and expand access to local crags.
  • We are guardians of the environment and champions for wildlife.
  • We are educators that reach out, teach, and share our passion for climbing.
  • We are representatives and diplomats for our sport.
  • We are activists who are willing to fight for our cause.

We are CRAGS, and if this rings true to you, then you are too.
Please join today with a joint membership with the Access Fund.
Together our future will be brighter, and our sends higher.

Frequently Asked


How do I join?

EASY! Just click the “Join Us!” button at the top of the page.

Where do you meet?

Currently we alternate between Sacramento Pipeworks and Rocknasium for general meetings.  Please check our Events Calendar for times and dates.

How often do you meet?

Our meetings usually take place once a month. Stay informed on our events and meetings by checking our Events Calendar or Facebook page.

How can I help?

We would love to have everyone contribute to the organization. Please contact us at info@norcalcrags.org or use the contact form to drop a line.  If you’d like to see us in person, please check the events and news for the next meeting. You can always help by either becoming a member or donating directly. You can also volunteer at one of our Adopt-a-Crag events, and help in a more physical way!

How do I donate?

If you aren’t a member, please become one! With a joint membership through the Access Fund, part of your membership fee goes to supporting CRAGS. Otherwise, you can donate to the CRAGS general fund or donate directly to your favorite Crag. You can also show your support by joining us for one of our fundraiser events, such as the Reel Rock Tour.

How do I raise an issue with an area?

Please contact us at info@norcalcrags.org or join us for one of our board meetings if you would like to suggest a new area for CRAGS to support.

How does membership benefit me?

By joining CRAGS you are making a statement that you want to take an active role in supporting a sport that you love. As our mission states, our goals are to help support a clean and healthy environment which we intend to do through programs such as Adopt-a-Crag where we will go as a team go and clean up local climbing areas. We do this not only to show appreciation for the opportunity to use what in many cases is private land, but also so that we can be proud of the areas where we love to be.

Our Dedicated


Board of Directors

Alternate Board Members

  • Kevin Wehr
    Kevin Wehr Alternate Member
  • I feel like I can do better things and I want to do better things. I'm curious what I can do.

    Alex Honnold Professional Climber, Sacramento
  • We at Sacramento Pipeworks have been proud supporters of CRAGS since its early inception. The organization has a real grass roots approach to building community both here in the gym and in the region as a whole. For years Pipeworks and CRAGS have co-hosted a presentation of the Reel Rock film festival, an event highly anticipated by the local climbing population and attended regularly by hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts. It is CRAGS practical, hands-on approach that is most admirable, however. We loudly applaud CRAGS successful reopening of Auburn Quarry, a herculean task in itself, as well as the many Access Fund benefit drives and countless clean up efforts at local crags. The local climbing landscape simply would not be the same without this incredible group!

    Vaughn Medford Manager, Pipeworks Climbing & Fitness
  • I joined CRAGS because they are local arm of the Access Fund. I know they look out for my local crags, and care about our local environment with a global view.

    Daniel Frederick CRAGS Executive Director, Sacramento
  • It's been great fun to meet and work with the members of Crags.  Every time I walked by one of the projects we have collaborated on at the Leap,  it gives me pride and brings back great memories!

    Petch Lovers Leap Guides
  • My philosophy is, what adventure can I find that pushes me to my limit?

    Hans Florine Professional Speed Record Holder

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